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Cold Flu Essential Oils
Cold Flu Essential Oils

Cold & Flu Essential Oils Recipe: This “FluBomb” blend is definitely one EVERYONE should have on hand!

When our kids are home during summer our immune systems get use to the environment in that we are consistently in, well when going back to school new germs, new threats, new illnesses may arise! They say that typically in a new environment you may get sick within 2 weeks of starting at a new place! This extra immune support is seriously the bomb! Anytime we come down with something, immediately apply this down the spine and on the bottom of our kids feet!

For Kids:

Simply combine 5 drops of

• On Guard (Protective Blend)
• Lemon
• Tea Tree
• Oregano
• Frankincense

In a 10ml roller bottle and fill the rest with FCO “fractionated coconut oil” or other carrier oil of choice, and you’re good to go! You can pre-make this to have on hand! I roll up and down my kids spine and bottom of feet when they are starting to come down with a flu/cold.

For Adults:

Place 2 drops of each oil in a Veggie Cap and swallow down with water. OR you can use the roller bottle too if you wish and apply the same way. (Increase the dosage of oils for adults to 10 drops)

*Do not take for more than 10 days at a time due to Oregano*

As with always making your blends, use your intuition, and do what feels right for you. There is no set amount and set recipes, do what works for you and your body.